Proteting those who protect us.

Legal protection for Armed Professionals
Fairline Defense is the solution to protect you.
Fairline defense is a subscription based legal team

If you use your firearm in a defensive situation, Fairline Defense will have a Critical Response team ready to help, guide, and be there for you.

What is Armed Professional?

An armed professional is an individual who has received specialized training handling firearms or other weapons, and often has a primary job responsibility involve the protection of people, property, or assets.

How fairline defense works?

In a defensive situation, trust Fairline Defense to provide a prompt and expert critical response team, dedicated legal support, and unwavering assistance for you and your family.

Why you need it?

Why do you need it?

After a self-defense situation, you need to protect yourself.
You need an experienced lawyer immediately. This situation is expensive and confusing.
Fairline Defense is here to step in immediately and protect you.

What you get?


Critical Response Team


Legal fees inCriminal Defense


Legal fees inCivil Defense

Legal Team

Professionals and Experts


Daily Per Diem


No pay back if you lose

Why do you need Fairline Defense?

You need experienced teams to protect you

If you are in a defensive situation you could be arrested and financially responsible.

- Don’t be a victim - protect yourself

Protection made simple

Peace of mind at $29.99

Armed Professional Plan


Billed Monthly


Billed Annually

Save $40Save $40

What do we cover?
Any self-defense situation.

You can never be prepared 100% for when a situation happens. That’s why Fairline Defense will cover you no matter what means you took to save your life.

What do we cover?
Any self-defense situation.

What we don’t cover.

Any actions with criminal intent.

- Don’t be a criminal it never works out.

No one can predict when something will happen.

Be prepared with Fairline Defense.

Legal peace of mind for you and your loved ones - protection for all your defense needs.

Protection for you
starts here.



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